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music is a service, not a product (!?)


i saw the above said on a Metafilter discussion here. 

Case in question being Lily Allen\'s blog entry on Myspace, where she goes on about things painfully known to the entire community. As any discussion on piracy it has quickly grown into a long thread in which one can see interesting points such as \"the core of the music business was a high cost of entry to record and distribute music, not the inherent value of the music itself\". 

(thanks for valuing music as such...)

Now, I don\'t know whether any of those are true. For all I care, I\'ve resolved not to take part in discussions on piracy. But I\'ll mention one thing that has become apparent to me: In order to create, an artist must free their mind from everyday distractions, the biggest of which is finance. In simple terms: it works better if you don\'t have to worry about food. 

Oh, and one more thing, regarding \"anti\"-measures. Read my lips: they don\'t work. 

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