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Happy Christmas (if you celebrate it).

I owe you a few news then. First, if you haven't been following the Esem group on Facebook, I have moved to the UK again, and currently study Sound Design at Ravensbourne College in London.

LP3, LP4, FR2, or whatever it is called nowadays: I take it you've noticed that my public musical output has slowed down almost to a halt. Projects I was working on in 2008 had a drastic impact on everything I release, so the successor to Serial Human is, once again, delayed. Raw scoop - grab and run.

The one thing that did go well and according to plan was a collaboration with a cool 3D company in London, called Smoothe. An MTV+Me ident we did together was shortlisted for worldwide broadcasting. Click here to see it.

Know Processing? I am looking for a Processing artist with some free time on their hands. If you are one, please get in touch.

The site feed is here.

Lined up for 2009: Enveloped remaster (this is nearly complete), Ikae remaster (half complete) - both free downloads. And LP4.

Edit 2015: Sorry I lied. None of this worked :/ I've restarted the remasters twice. And the closest to LP4 is Aquanaut.

Here's to a better year for everyone.

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