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dblue glitch


Updated 2014: Get Glitch 2 from

I'm leaving the original post here even though that's no longer relevant.

The truth about dBlue Glitch on OSX: Forget it for now. I've read what the developer has to say, tried to contact him, and have been exploring the alternatives. My results are listed below

Updated 29/feb/2008

There's a new piece of software released by Sugar Bytes. Read "Alternatives" to find out about it.

Updated 31/jan/2008

"My only intentions at the moment are to focus on what I’m already familiar with (ie. Windows), to continue developing Glitch into a more mature product, and to hopefully generate some business based around it. If things become more stable in the future then I will certainly do more research into other platforms, but right now I just can’t afford to have the extra distractions eating up my time." says dblue - here.

Updated 17/may/2007

Apparently Glitch is written in such a way that it's currently (at the time of writing) not portable to the Mac. Additionally dBlue isn't happy with his code, despite the excellent plugin, so he wouldn't even listen about sharing the code and getting some help from random people.

OK, alternatives:

  1. You could try substituting with Effectrix from Sugar Bytes, but that costs some $129. It won't do exactly the same but gives you a lot of what Glitch has to offer. Also possible - Replicant by Audio Damage, but, for a $49 effect, it's weak in comparison and sounds plain bad at times.
  2. If you use Ableton Live, then you may be interested in this thread: "Glitch for mac, no need with Able".
  3. Again, for Live, try Major Malfunction, it costs $10, requires the Pluggo runtime, and is Ableton-only. (means No for me, thanks)
  4. Alternatively, you may snip a portion of your track and process it in a Windows DAW. It's unusable for jamming (not to mention live) but for production purposes you should be fine. This is what the post below (and Part 2) is all about:

Here's the original post

I am quite happy. I was able to load dblue's Glitch in Logic 5.5.1/Windows under Parallels Desktop on the Mac!!

What does this mean? Okay, it's not suitable for any live work, BUT, for those people (such as myself), using Glitch for 'dressing', this means several things. 1] It's possible to bounce a track off Logic/win at the same tempo as your Mac project and use that as audio. 2] It's possible to bounce a track off Logic/Mac, and pass that through Logic/win, then bounce back (see 1) and use that on the Mac. As far as automating busses and various not-pre-established noises goes, it will be a slower task of creating a track containing said material (read: bounce it off a buss) and passing it through a Logic project in Windows. Supposedly this would happen at a later stage in a project.

Did you pay attention closely? Means it's possible to bounce an entire song without one track, then bounce that track only separately, load both audio files in Logic 5.5 (Win) and arrange the part for dBlue's glitch.

Many people have been asking for an OSX version of dBlue's glitch, and I think a version 2.0 is in the works. But until then we pretty much have a solution. Parallels has a 15 day trial, enough for you to test.

Example MP3 (compressor+glitch+delay).

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