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A Curious Inversion


Friend musician Jeremy Rice is officially the first person to give "Scateren" (that same album that got licensed for a game) a negative-sounding review.

I'll tell you: this is priceless to me. In the past I used to get much more feedback on my stuff. (True I did more music back then but I did get much more feedback, so the proportion is gone.) These days most music is rated on this binary scale of "nice" on the positive end, and "not of my taste" on the other. I get many of these.

I guess Jeremy felt the same way I feel about two of Bj?rk's records. I know he has been nice to me so I'll look forward to getting in touch with him for details. But the point is, if Jeremy felt I need a kick in the butt to go on, he's done it. Pardon the perversion but it feels good.

p.s. Jeremy, drop me an email, I'll send you some stuff over, see what you think..

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