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One more for NI.. and others


I had a deadline moved forward by 24h. Not a big deal unless you're really running out of time and need to get things done fast. In which case minor annoyances turn into big fucking drama.

I've never understood why Native Instruments design their interfaces with such small letters. In the case of Akoustik Piano, this really makes no sense, as there are very few buttons to press etc. This of course is not a problem at all. But imagine yours truly hunting for the 'Cancel' button (a small button with no focus on it) to stop loading a huge grand piano, and then being greeted with an empty dialogue box.

Weird, right? That box sat there for about a minute until I frantically started pressing buttons and clicking the mouse, and finally a message appeared:

"Really cancel?"

(No.. not really...!?) This is only the cherry of course. That same silly piece of software is in the habit of asking me what to do every time it finds out I haven't installed all models and all rooms... for every song opened. Dude(s)... just go with what's available dammit, what is your problem?

So Microsoft of NI!

This all comes on the back of finding out that I have five different applications that save AIFF files with loop points inside.. and they all save different files, so nothing is guaranteed to work.. Talk to me about shuttling test files back and forth..

I'm off, there's more to do..

P.S. That dialogue box I mentioned.. The buttons inside it won't work. Cheers guys!

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