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Bear McCreary: An Open Letter


Bear McCreary's An Open Letter to the New Patrons is very interesting to me. I have utmost respect for the composer, because of his work on Battlestar Galactica. I find it very intriguing that a) he has decided to voice his concerns, and b) he describes things this way. It all looks very.. I dunno... honest? subtle?

In any case, it fails to address an issue that is soon going to be history, but that has shaped a lot of what piracy is today. I'm talking about the availability and/or license restrictions of a work/product in a particular region of the world.

Now, this is not the blurry line, where someone sets a price based on their target audience in a developed country, and that price seems prohibitive in a place with a different standard. (i.e. what if someone dirt-poor wanted to see or hear your work?), I'm talking about the product *not* being available at all where you live, and you have to a) import, b) download/copy/..steal?

What if we were to combine these two? Am I paying ?50 for an import that costs $20 and takes weeks to arrive? You f***in' bet I am not. Because most of my life in Bulgaria revolves exactly around this scheme of high-priced imports. And, trust me, that sucks.

So this feels like we're back to square one. Our intentions for change hit the boundaries and barriers of this pre-existing state of things. What to do?

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