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As you probably know I take part in !ttl\'s weekly podcast scheme. So far I have done the following:

  • #101: * * * * * - recap on what I\'ve been enjoying most from 2006 till the end of 2008.
  • #82: ? - the one I\'ve been hesitating to do for years... merely for the bravery required. Enjoy.
  • #70: Beatless Beauty - less instruments, more vocals, in two parts.
  • #63: Sci-fi Themes - a very ambitious project in which I arrange 25 themes from sci-fi movies in succession.
  • #56: Off the Radar - chilled out lower-key electronica from The Orb, Boards of Canada, Lusine, Plaid, Blamstrain, and others. Including two of my favourite tracks: \"Dayvan Cowboy\" and \"We Lose Ourselves\"
  • #39: 3 decades of Brothomstates - I try not to make a big deal out of this but I did go as far as to mix some of Lassi\'s old tracks (mod, s3m, xm) in a proper multitrack environment. The mix itself is an hour-long journey through Lassi\'s music.
  • #33: Bright Future - Second playlist of japanese music that I find amazing.
  • #23: ~Space - spans over 10 years of electronica and includes my favourite tracks ever.
  • #10: !titled - nu/free jazz. Dine to this, you won\'t regret.
  • #02: Lost in Translation - First playlist of japanese music that totally rocks. Mostly electronica and really really good.

The -listen- and -download- links are at the bottom of each post (do not be offended by the language, it\'s mostly just a different alphabet). Go check them out and maybe grab and keep them to yourself. Please also leave a comment (where comments are open).

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