EP4: Chaos Crop

My own process reflecting the world I've found myself in.

  • ESEM_EP4
  • digital download
  • recorded 2018—2020 in London
  • artwork by Denitsa Blagoeva


  1. Sandglass
  2. Chaoscrop
  3. Heterarchy
  4. Σym
  5. Braid 7 8 15
  6. Return

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Crystalline sound design classic ESEM Dominic Saraceno
Finding order in the chaos is the heart of this record. That feeling that the machines are barely under control and yet there's a coherency and the clear presence of the hand of the artist. Just a brilliant record and where IDM should be at in 2021. Andy/Digitonal
Wide open spaces converge with precisely orchestrated melodies on Chaos Crop—and this is what’s at the heart of this new EP. Igloomag
A beautiful new offering from Esem after three years of silence. Highly recommended. dcom (WATMM)
Fresh electronic loveliness from Esem Electronica Monthly
Резултатът е IDM звучене, което те запраща в разнообразни посоки, преплитайки синт мелодии и органичен шум. Фонотека Електрика