Georgi Marinov - digital developer

I plan and execute online software projects for, and with, teams and companies.
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I'm based in North London and regularly do this from a distance.


Depending on the requirements, I mix and match from the following skillset


  • OO PHP full-stack with MySQL and Redis
  • Node.js/Express with Mongodb/Mongoose
  • JSON/REST APIs, e-payments, encryption
  • CI, working knowledge of containers


  • Javascript ES6, React
  • crossbrowser HTML + CSS + SVG
  • vector graphics, bitmap images, colour management, svgo
  • command line in macOS, anything *x or via terminal



Random Reference

VA Valeria Angelova UX enthusiast I know George as a person with very professional attitude towards work, he is skilful, has excellent technical capabilities, and a very high level of creativity. Very friendly co-worker who can always give you new perspectives and instrumental ideas which drive the project forward. I strongly hope to work with him again in the future.



Thinking in man-hours about your project? Please do get in touch.

Georgi Marinov
N6, London, UK
T: +44 7800 503 556