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July 29th, 2007, in the morning

Just got this in an email by Doug:

I guess you also used to go by stereoman? Hmm, I just now connected "es"-"em" to StereoMan... :)

OK It's been seven and a half years and I still get the occasional question if StereoMan and Esem are related. See, they are used to be the same person.

I exchanged a few emails on the Internet with a DJ Stereoman, one Fredrick Smith from Kingston, Jamaica. Our small but heated discussion went along the lines of (me:) "Dude, I was first?", (him:) "How do you know? Do you own this name exclusively?" and so on. It prompted me to rethink my alias.

I guess one morning you wake up and decide that something more obscure, abstract, if not a bit too cryptic, will work better. That's how in 2000, three years after I had published my first release back then at NOiSE, I switched to the name Esem. This is also the name I release albums under. So I am technically the demoscene StereoMan of NOiSE (you won't believe how much I've changed). Just not StereoMan any more, but Esem. Most certainly not DJ Stereoman.

P.S. consider the present Stereoman to be one Fredrick Smith, really. I can't be bothered..

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DJ Stereoman says:

I am not sure exactly who you are and what it is that you are trying to achieve. However, I am going to ask you kindly to refrain or in other words stop using my name (Fredrick Smith AKA DJ Stereoman) to benefit your cause. This is the very reason why lawyers are available for hire in deflamation of character cases. Stop NOW!

posted: October 20th, 2008, late at night
Rudi says:

Hi, what kind of gear did you use when you made the modes album back in 1997?. I know trackers are samplebased, so I wonder if you sampled your own instruments. I didnt find anything relevant info in the comments section.

posted: May 2nd, 2013, late at night


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